Product Design

The success of your product depends on:

Addressing the needs of customers

Unique positioning against competitors

Designing your product with this in mind from the onset is possible
through our unique experimentation process:
Your Product Idea
Exploration & Experimentation

Market Success
Our process takes you from your product idea, through exploration and experimentation to market success.
We do this in a couple of weeks, at a fraction of the cost to pilot test your product in the market.

Our process: Conjoint analysis

Conjoint analysis, an advanced AI-driven trade-off methodology, will allow you to design the ideal product.

How does it work?


Customers compare various product features and benefits and choose the product they will buy


Replicates a real-world buying environment to predict customers’ buying behavior


Use advanced AI to simulate various Product Design outcomes


Design the optimal Product Design that fulfils customers needs, differentiates from competitors, and grows your financial return

How you can use the insights

Focused Strategy

Informs the strategic choices your company must make

Identify the market fit between customer needs and your value proposition

Customer Needs

Which features resonates with which customers and drives their purchase decision

At what price do you include these in your value proposition

Competitive Positioning

What differentiates you from your competitors

What is the best position in the market for your company

Optimal Pricing

Understand customer’s price sensitivity and willingness to pay

Identify the optimal price point for your value proposition

Drives Innovation

Innovate to address customers unsatisfied, burning needs

Add more value to the lives of customers and stay relevant

Marketing Message

Refine your marketing message to target specific segments

Ensure your marketing message resonates with customers